Air B&B in Style

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4 min readMay 24, 2021


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The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia

Ever dreamed of turning your home into a beautiful place that tourists can visit, rooms can be rented, and you can provide a hospitable environment. Well, maybe 2021 has given you the bravery to move towards that dream. Registering your property as an Air B&B is a great way to bring profit to your empty rooms.

There is some planning ahead in creating such a business and several platforms available in which you can place openings for potential guests. It may feel like you are running a hotel but, you have all the say on what goes on within your home. You can set up a series of rules that your guest must adhere to and even have fun socializing with them at the end of each day. The main purpose of their stay to sleep and eat in an environment that is not too resort-like and more authentic to the culture of the country.

If you think you can handle running an air B&B, read on for our tips on ways to transform your home into the vacation many people dream about.

Home Textile

Now you may think that the way your home is decorated is comfortable, but to impress those who are staying with you — you may need to change a few things around your home. For a weekend or a week, your home will be theirs as well. Adding a touch of modernization and privacy curtains to certain rooms of the house would be best to keep them feeling comfortable.

Be sure that you have a surplus of towels for your guests. If you are serving multiple parties at the same time, towels will be gone before you know it. Purchase a large variety wholesale so that way you have plenty to give around while you wash the used ones.

Pillows and bed sheets are another thing to keep in surplus as well. Everybody is different when it comes to the temperature preference while they sleep. Some need extra comforters while others just want to sleep on a dozen pillows. While it may sound ridiculous to adhere to those odd-ball requests, many would be more than willing to pay extra for that sort of comfort.

Provide your clients with privacy, comfort, and courtesy through purchasing wholesale home textiles.

Stylish Furniture

Your home may be suited for a particular theme depending on the region in which you are located. If you live near The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia, a humble little ski cottage may be a best seller for those who want to afford a ski vacation. Or, if you live off the coast of the shores of Malta, a fantasy beach home may also market well.

Research what works best at other B&B’s nearby and follow suit.

One of the main purposes in researching your area is to understand how to style your property to match that criterion. You have the option of making each room as unique as you. Or theme your home with relative pieces you can purchase online through a connection with a vendor or manufacturer. Don’t just decorate the inside of your home, be sure to set up furniture outside so your guest can spend a romantic evening outdoors as well.

Food to Serve

Now one of the main duties you may have as an owner of an air B&B is serving as a host or hostess to your guests. For tourists, they may not have experienced your culture before and want to opt-in for home-made dishes created by yours truly. One of the best ways to experience a diverse culture is through food.

Purchasing high-quality food to serve your guest may be expensive if you run to your nearest grocery store. Instead of running for ingredients, purchase your groceries wholesale and online to receive deliveries right to your doorstep.

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Things To Do Nearby

Now, this requires more research and a potential party with a company that hosts events and parties. Guests often want to see the sights and enjoy a week in a new place. While your home is comfortable and inviting, providing an idea list for your guest to choose from is a great way to keep them entertained. You don’t have to be the one taking them places, but you can partner with another company that would be more than willing to do so.

Keep them relaxed, well-fed, and entertained while they room and board on your property.


Maintaining an air B&B can be a fun adventure for anyone looking to be their boss, work through retirement, or any person who wants a sense of fulfillment by bringing joy and getting to know a stranger. Being a host and a business owner may get a little stressful. But reduce time taking inventory and ordering supplies by creating an account on a B2B wholesale platform.

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